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Express Marketing is a digital marketing service created for busy people by Marketing Agency SMM 105ideas. Our mission is to help you find your clients on the internet.
We have developed a comprehensive service to cover all stages of your project in the least amount of time possible. Factors we value the most are: time, knowledge, and availability.
Full-service digital marketing plan to develop your idea
Webpage development
A webpage is a key component of your online presence. We specialise in developing your landing page, content and functionality to promote your project.
email marketing
We manage your contact list, welcome email design and campaign material. We can create follow-up campaigns to ensure all leads receive special offers.
ads targeting
We know how to determine your audience and increase your visibility on social media by preparing targeting campaigns on Facebook and Instagram.
Webinar support
Webinars are one of the easiest ways to host events with your audience worldwide. We prepare the webinar recording on the webinar platform of your choice.
Online support
During all stages of the project, we will provide you with regular reports and we are available to answer any questions or make changes to the plan if needed.
Reports and analysis
Regular reports are produced to monitor the activity and development of your project.
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Comprehensive approach
There is no need to look for various contractors. We have experts to assist you from the start to the end of your project.
Individual strategy
Every business has its own needs, so we conduct additional research on your project to ensure the best strategy is implemented.
Time saving service
All stages prior to the project going live are extremely short. We prepare our landing page and ad campaign in just 7 days.
Measurable results
Our results are numerically measured because we believe that numbers do not lie.
How it works
We want to know more about your project
Every business is different so we want to understand yours to choose the best solution.
We develop your webpage
Our experience proves that 5 days is enough to design and develop your landing page. We prepare the draft in 2 days and then improve it as needed.
We move to promotion
During this stage, we work on  designing a thank you email and targeting campaign to attract your potential customers.
We provide reports and statistics
We continuously track results and numbers as the project progresses and actively assess if there is any need to change the delivery of your promotional campaign.
Most recent cases
Our clients say
Treasurer of Australian Russian Theatre, Sydney
"Helped increase our online ticket sales about ten times and reach theatre goers that we never hoped to reach before. We are quite confident that now we are able to advertise new productions to our entire potential audience. Thank you!"
Natalia from Best People Movers
"As a small business owner I am always trying to keep up with online marketing. At first I used to go with a highly acclaimed and very expensive marketing agency only to discover that it was money down the drain.
They didn't care about anything except money. Then I discovered SMM 105ideas and it was a sigh of relief. Victoria has a very different approach and genuinely cares about her customers and their results. I am going to stick it 105ideas because it works!
Thank you, Victoria"
Yulia Moiseeva from Yulia Moiseeva & Associates
"Excellent and reliable service! Thank you"
"Great Service, great resources thank you, Victoria."
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